Our commitment is to enable a 'can-do' attitude towards sport and exercise especially amongst minority or marginalised groups

About Us

Sport4Health was established in 2006 and is a Community Interest Company. This means that it operates as a company (ie can trade and sell services) but has charitable objectives. The Directors who run the company cannot take any “profits” - these can only be used to support our charitable work.

We provide a range of activities for the health and social benefit of all the community but in particular those who are disadvantaged and/or from minority communities. We are based in Westminster (and are members of Young Westminster Foundation) though we have also delivered programmes in Lambeth, Wandsworth, Hackney and Kensington & Chelsea.

Our ability to trade means that we can generate income from private coaching and so we use any surplus from that to underpin our community and charitable work. However, as most of our income comes from grants from charitable funders and contracts/commissions from local authorities etc the bulk of our work is charitable, providing opportunities for disadvantaged people, of all ages and abilities, to benefit from sport and social activity. See our current and past programmes for examples of what we do.

We are a small organisation (annual turnover is usually under £50k) but we punch far above our weight by keeping our costs to a minimum (eg our office is provided pro-bono and we use sessional coaches, etc) nor do we compromise on quality. All coaches are Governing Body qualified and DBS checked. Our aim is to give people the best possible experience so that they can achieve their goals.

We are members of the Young Westminster Foundation and Badminton England.

Our Board of Directors is stable, highly qualified and ethnically diverse. Ed, the Executive Director who runs S4H on a day-to-day basis, has an MBA; whilst others include a British Para Table Tennis Board Director, an NHS Consultant, a Chartered Accountant; and a Clinical Research Nurse. Our Directors are: E. Kung, J. Morgan Hitchcock, J. Tuazon, M. Pang and S. Lloyd-Owen.

In addition to the Board, which has legal responsibility for the organisation we have an Advisory Group of service users, past and present, who help ensure our projects are as good as they can be; and several volunteers who help us run programmes, manage our website and social media, assist with fundraising; and do an all-round fantastic job!